Living with Total Confidence: Tim Sanders Interview

If you feel beaten down and bruised, or feel like you’ve lost your spark and mojo, you might need a boost of confidence. A new book called Today We are Rich promises to help you harness the power of total confidence. It was written by a friend and one of my favorite authors and people around, Tim Sanders. Tim comes at things from a perspective different than most and I learn something from him all of the time. He opened up (which is not hard for Tim to do!) and shared a ton of tips and insights in an interview I did with him last week.

In Today We Are Rich, he provides seven classic principles for living a better life. The first principle is one that hits home for me . . . Feed Your Mind the Good Stuff. It’s a great chapter on how to rid your life of negativity and feed your brain something better. I’m pretty disciplined about what I put into my mouth, but I’m even more vigilant about what I allow in my brain. Tim offers some great tips, and he’s been kind enough to offer this chapter from Today We Are Rich for free.

Here’s an excerpt from our interview:

ROBERT: What do you mean by “feed your mind the good stuff?”

TIM: Here’s the idea too, it goes like this. Vegas has a rule and the rule is the longer the better stays at the table, the better the odds get for the house, right, it’s a basic rule. Well, in media, that’s the rule. The longer that you subject yourself to random media or the control of another editor the more likely you are to become upset, negative, have a pessimistic view point etc, you should be as judicious about what you put into your mind as what you put into your mouth. When you take back your life and you say, the first half hour I’m awake is my time. This is the time I get up, I ignore the world, I load constructive information into my head, I rehearse the coming day, you are feeding your soul a good breakfast and it gives your mental metabolism a chance to do with the onslaught of information to come and that’s just the beginning of this process.

ROBERT: If you were to design the perfect sort of get up routine, what would you tell people? What should they do instead of what they’ve been doing?

TIM: Okay, the alarm goes off, don’t hop out of bed yet, you really don’t need caffeine you need gratitude. So, the first thing I do every morning is I invest like five to 10 minutes and I like to write it down because it helps me really visualize it, but, I invest five to 10 minutes and I recollect two people from the previous day that I’m grateful for. They’ve done something to help, they’ve done something for me, and I don’t just think of what they did I think of why they did. Because, Robert, I’m not grateful about things I’m grateful for people, because all these things and all the experiences in our life they come from people, you know, that are in our life.

So, I wake up and those first waking thoughts of those two people from the previous day. Then I think about someone from the coming day, like you that I know is going to be an asset to me and the things that are so important to me and my success path. And then that’s the beginning thought of my day. Then I put the coffee pot on and there is always one or two books. Right now, I’m reading Peter Guber, “Tell to Win”. You know, it’s a big book, it’s a great idea, I love storytelling, it makes me better as a speaker so I load myself about 30 minutes of that morning, it’s very exciting. Then I take five minutes over my last cup of coffee and I rehearse the coming day including the hurdles. I see where they day’s going go, I call it “rehearsing my dance moves” then I take a deep breath, and then I go down with my email. And then I do with other stuff.

And then I’m very careful about what I read for the rest of the day. I’m very particular about editorial policy at various media publications whether it’s trying t differentiate between USA Today and the New York Times, what we’re trying to differentiate between TechCrunch and the Huffington Post or whatever. So, even during the day I’m very careful about these things. And on my social feeds, I’ve got to be honest with you man, I hide a lot of people on my feed if they don’t have anything positive to say.

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