Vegan Diet: My Green Protein Shake

A few weeks ago I wrote about my vegan diet for CBS. The column was one of my most popular columns yet, and this completely took me by surprise. Sometimes I’ll hit the “publish” button and think I’ve written gold, only to discover the deafening silence from my readers. And other times, like the vegan diet piece, I’ll think it’s just another column but be surprised at the huge response it receives. While beautifully crafted :-), I’m not entirely sure why the vegan diet column was so popular. I think it shows that people want to feel healthy, lose weight, and have more energy without having to pop a pill. The vegan diet did that for me, and I think it inspired a lot of others that it could do it for them.

The question I received more than any other from the vegan diet column was what I include in my green nutrition shake. Before I reveal what I put in my nutrition shake, a BIG disclaimer. I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist. Please don’t blindly follow my advice. Speak to your doctor — preferably a doctor with an emphasis on nutrition an holistic health — before you take anything.

Here are the components to my green nutrition shake for my vegan diet . . .

Morning Green Nutritional and Protein Shake


To avoid unnecessary calories, I use about 14 ounces of cold water with ice.









Protein Powders

I usually combine at least two protein powders. I’ll either mix 100% pea protein or Raw Protein with Spiru-Tein Chocolate for the taste.

Green Powders

A green shake wouldn’t be green without these fantastic powders including Chlorella, All One Green Phyto Base, and Garden of Life Perfect Food.


I consume more fiber in a day than most American’s do in a week thanks to these two fiberliscious powders: Garden of Life Super Seed and Psyllium Husk Powder.



Resveratrol and Acai berry juice – two great tasting antioxidant boosters.

Miscellaneous Goodness

Cinnamon for blood sugar level regulation. Brewer’s Yeast for extra B vitamins. Dolomite powder and Vitamin D for strong bones. And coconut oil for energy and good fats.