Can You Make $40,000+ by Having Lunch with Obama & Clooney?

Imagine you had $40,000 to invest. Would it be a good investment to spend $40,000 to have lunch with President Obama and George Clooney?

CNN reports “The campaign just capped a contest called “Obama, Clooney, and You,” which offered supporters a chance to win two tickets for dinner with the president, George Clooney, and a host of other high-dollar donors at the movie star’s Los Angeles home next week.”

Would this be a good investment? Let’s look at the alternatives:

  • Money market account would provide you with close to 0% interest.
  • A one year CD might pay 1%.
  • A 10 year Treasury Note would yield less than 2%.

Of course, with these investments, you’d get your $40,000 back. Not the case with our Obama/Clooney lunch. So, how could you increase your chances that you’d not only get your $40,000 back but that you’d also make money on the lunch?

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