About Richer Life Insights

What we believe:

  • We don’t need more information; we need actionable advice.
  • We don’t all have the same needs; we want to consume content when and how it is best for our lifestyle and learning style.
  • We don’t want a teacher; we want a mentor.
  • We don’t want to be overwhelmed; we want to be inspired.

If you want to take your life and finances to the next level and want to have some fun in the process, contact us now.

Meet the Coaches

Robert-Pagliarini-Richer-Life-CoachRobert Pagliarini, MS, MA, CFP

Robert is a certified personal coach who has a master’s degree in psychology. He has written several books and has appeared as an expert on Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers, 20/20, Katie Couric, Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC News and others. He takes a no-nonsense approach to helping people create a better, fuller, richer life. Robert Pagliarini is obsessed with inspiring others to create and empowering them to live life to the fullest by radically changing the way they invest their time and energy. He is the founder of Richer Life, a community of passionate people who want to learn and achieve more in life and at work, and the president of Pacifica Wealth Advisors, a boutique wealth management firm serving sudden wealth recipients and affluent individuals.

“Robert was a blessing to have as a life-coach, with his honest down-to-earth demeanor and the atmosphere he created was a comfort to allow me to express myself. His approach to enabling an individual to generate inspiration without the normal therapeutic approach was truly amazing.”
- Ali H.


Kevin-Von-Luft-Richer-Life-CoachKevin Von Luft

Having been a professional law enforcement officer in Orange County, California for over 14 years, Kevin’s has held a variety of assignments in law enforcement including being a senior member of the Crisis/Hostage negotiation team. Kevin’s on the job experiences along with training at the FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department’s hostage negotiations schools has given him the opportunity to develop highly effective communication and intervention skills. After recently completing a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and life coach training through the Tony Robbins/Chloe Madanes coach-training center Kevin focused his education, training, and experience on a passion around accelerating performance and helping people get results. Kevin has made it his mission to help everyone truly live a richer life.

“…Thank you so much for mentoring me. You really help me focus and encouraged me to take the steps to go in this direction…”
- Jenny


Lisa-Gaskin-Richer-Life-CoachLisa Gaskin

As a young woman, Lisa was an academic and scholar who wasn’t able to go to college so she married young and had a child. Crazy about her daughter, she was a stay-at-home Mom but always yearned to advance her academic and career pursuits. Lisa worked part-time in publishing when her daughter began school, while also enrolling in college to start a journey toward her yearned-for goal of a bachelor’s degree. Lisa then had a son and while raising her children continued her degree pursuit while also becoming a senior yoga instructor. Many years later, Lisa graduated Magna Cum Laude from UC Irvine in Psychology/Neuropsychology emphasis.

After working for the school district with severely mentally and physically disordered children and adolescents, Lisa decided that she needed more substantiation, more credibility to accomplish the kind of work she aspired to. While working with the children and in a casual but profoundly clinical and spiritual sense, Life-coaching her yoga students, she became influential and instrumental in the lives of many.

Today, Lisa has completed a Master’s degree in clinical psychology with an MFT emphasis, is working again in a school for the severely mentally disordered, is a Diversion Specialist for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and works in private practice as a marriage and family therapist.

Lisa lives in the beach community of San Clemente, California with her husband, her son (when home from college), and two dogs.

“Lisa has helped me more often than I can remember. She sits so quietly and listens, I don’t think I’d ever been heard like that before. Then she asks the perfect question to help me sort through my options, close in on my obstacles, and head straight toward where I want to be. Before I started seeing her I had no idea where I wanted to be and now I’m well on my way to getting there.”
- Andrea C.