eLIVate Your Life – July 26th Event

My friends over at eLIVate Institute are putting on an all-day educational growth retreat on July 26, 2014. I highly recommend you sign-up and take part of this life-changing day… Here is more information: If you could change anything about your life, what would it be? Would you choose to have a career you love, […]

Do You Play In An Office Lottery Pool?

If you play in a Mega Millions or Powerball office lottery pool, you’ll want to read this. I just posted a short piece on the 5 rules to play an office lottery pool at Pacifica Wealth Advisors…

From a guy’s point of view

My latest blog talk radio show is ready for download.  Listen to Kevin Von Luft and his “guy talk” radio partner Steve Wolf have a very open and candid discussion about a male point of view on relationships.

Keeping your small business alive.

Guest post written by Mary Ann Keeling Today`s unpredictable economic changes can make it very hard for a business to stay afloat. This especially applies to small to medium enterprises (SMEs), as smaller companies rarely have enough financial reserves to push through an economic crisis with their customer base intact. Though this does not apply to an […]

Making Your Home Office Feel Spacious

Guest post by Jessica Johnson “What’s The Big Idea?” Making Your Home Office Feel Spacious You’ve probably daydreamed about having that luxurious corner office one day or having enough space in your home to devote a room strictly to work, complete with huge windows and cathedral ceilings. In reality, however, you may be crunched into […]

Are your kids safe online?

They are if you know what to look for.  Download the latest episode of my radio show and learn some great tips from internet safety expert Steve Wolf, a 25 year police sergeant. We talk about about keeping your kids safe online and what parents need to know.  Contact us to see if Steve is […]

Do happy people do things differently?

Do “happy” people do things differently? Did they attend some secret meeting where they were told the secrets to happiness?  There are thousands of books, websites, and blogs dedicated to the topic of being happy.  However, the best way that I have found to learn something new is to model those that are already doing […]

How important are first impressions?

How important are first impressions when you meet someone new? Whether it’s a job interview, a new coworker, a new boss, or even a blind date you will be hard-pressed to find someone who says that first impressions are not vitally important. Other questions you can ask are, can you recover from a bad or […]

Why More People Are Ditching the 9 to 5 In Favor of Freelancing

Expert tips on how to make extra money by becoming a successful freelancer…

What’s Your Ultimate Mission?

Do you know your “ultimate purpose?” Find out now by answering these five questions…